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Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves.

We are a locally owned company with only one goal. That goal is delivering the delicious and nutritious meals and snacks you want. Read about us and then follow our simple process for getting your Healthy Palate meals delivered.

We prepare our food right here in Tulsa with the freshest ingredients available. Our kitchen is stocked with fresh foods of all colors and flavors, clean ingredients sourced with your health in mind to provide you with the opportunity to be your healthiest you!

We do understand however that “a calorie is not a calorie” and the macro nutrient components that we use to hit those marks are of high importance.  A great deal of time goes into our menu selections. We special order many of our ingredients which help us stay within the guidelines we have established. We never use high fructose corn syrup, MSG or other additives which we consider poor choices for good health.  We work aggressively to continually research products, trends, and healthy options, keeping our menu nutritious, interesting and delicious.

A busy lifestyle can often lead to poor food choices, eating out far too often, and buying groceries with every intention to cook. Often at the end of the day, you find you are simply too busy or too exhausted to cook, yet you still have the desire to enjoy a delicious, healthy, hassle-free meal. You deserve a healthy, delicious meal!

Let us do all the cooking – so you don’t have to!

From Here to Meals at Your Door

Step 1

We plan the menu and set the meals for the week. 

Step 2

You choose the package and plan to fit your needs. Or, if you want to log on every week you can order from our a la carte page.

Step 3

We shop, we chop, we cook and package your meals.

Step 4

Your freshly prepared, delicious meals are delivered to your door.

Customer Comments

I just wanted to express in writing my complete delight and satisfaction with your service. This is how I would choose to cook and eat if I had the time. I cannot get over how innovative the food is, how healthy, how complete. And the freedom to focus on other things!! with nutrition and satisfaction COMPLETELY handled!!! You must stay in business as long as I live — if you do, I will never plan, shop, cook, waste, and get tired of my own meals again.


Customer Comments

This has saved my life!  Before I started Healthy Palate to Go, I struggled with very serious health issues and weight gain.  I tried every program and weight loss ‘diet’ and couldn’t stick with anything.   I’ve lost 30 pounds in 3 months and I absolutely love the delicious food!

Judy M.

Customer Comments

I tried the meal/weight loss meal programs that are advertised on TV and it tasted terrible (plus I still had to buy my fresh fruits and vegetables on those programs).  This is REAL food!   Fresh and delicious and I don’t have to add any fresh vegetables or fruit to it to make it complete.  They do everything.  I even get little cartons of skim milk.  I feel completely spoiled.

Jerry H.

Customer Comments

No MSG, no high-fructose corn syrup, no refined sugar or refined flours. That’s what sold me on Healthy Palate to Go.  I tried eating healthy on my own but nearly everything that was convenient was loaded with these bad ingredients.  Now I never have to worry.  They do all the research and all the work for me.

Sharon G.

Customer Comments

The food is so delicious. The staff at Healthy Palate to Go know all their customers and treat us like family.  Very personal and caring.  I never would have believed I would lose weight eating such wonderful things.  I love the variety.  I eat a different lunch and dinner every day of the month.  No boredom here.   I now have more energy than ever to work out and I am sleeping through the night for the first time in many years.

Mike B.

Customer Comments

Our life is so busy and my family was paying the price.  We were eating more meals out and we were all gaining weight and feeling lousy.  I was worried that my kids wouldn’t like the food, but they can’t wait to see what we are getting each week.  I am so excited that they are learning new eating habits.  Even the kids at school are eager to see what my kids have and always want to try it.

Cindy E.

Customer Comments

My husband turned his nose up at the idea at first, but then I CAUGHT him eating my food!  Now he gets meals too and we are both reaping the health benefits.  He is a very picky eater and he loves this stuff.  He said it’s okay if I never cook again and I am okay with that idea!

Jamie E

Customer Comments

As a military man, nutrition is vitally important.   These meals keep my body fueled for the demands of my job.   When I heat up my lunch or dinner, the guys all come around to see what I’m eating.  The aroma drives them crazy. 

Kyle W. 

Customer Comments

The only thing I changed was what I was eating.  I started eating Healthy Palate meals one year ago and now my doctor has taken me off all my blood pressure and cholesterol medication.  I am thrilled.

Tonya B.

Customer Comments

I haven’t bought a single grocery item, other than coffee, since starting this.  Everything I need is right in the bag.  And it’s all fresh.   Lots of fruit and veggies too.  I hated spending my time trying to figure out what to buy and cook (and I never had time to cook it anyway so it usually ended up in the trash).  This has changed my attitude about mealtime.  Now I look forward to sitting down to a wonderful balanced meal.

Diane C.

Customer Comments

As a single person, I was sick of eating out or going through a drive-through to get my meals.   I also hated going to the store and buying ingredients to make food at home, then eating the same thing over and over to keep from wasting it.  This gives me a lot of variety and it’s all delicious!

Joe B.